Getting Started

Students must complete a Santa Rosa Junior College application. There is no additional application required for this program. Call the Program Coordinator at (707) 527-4836 to make an appointment to develop an educational plan; for information about financial aid and scholarships; and to receive answers to any questions you may have. Or make an appointment with an Academic Counselor at (707) 527-4451. During peak registration time only drop-in counseling is available. If you are returning to school after an absence, you may also call the Reentry Office at (707) 527-4375 to access information and support services. 

It is suggested that students start the program in the summer with the introductory course, CHW 150, a 6-week course.  Classes are scheduled during late afternoons and early evenings to allow students to work day schedules.  Externships of 130 hours per semester must be completed.  The CHW program will coordinate the externship selection and ensure high quality educational experiences for the students.


General Qualifications

  1. Minimum age of 18 years - by the time you complete the program
  2. High school, GED, or Equivalency - by the time you complete the program
  3. Free from the effects of alcohol and drugs while in class, the clinical area, and externships
  4. Community health externship sites that we use may require finger printing and criminal background screening, especially when working with children
  5. Have the physical, emotional, and mental ability to participate effectively in coursework and to work with and support clients in community health settings
  6. Ability to speak, read, and write English; students may be currently enrolled in ESL classes; bilingual, bicultural skills are an asset, but are not required


Externship Requirements

  • All students will complete the Health Sciences Department physical examination form and fulfill the following requirements during the first semester in the CHW Program:
  • Physical exam by physician or nurse practitioner
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine (or positive rubella and Rubeola titer or positive antibody screen (**)
  • Negative TB test (2-step test) within the last year. (**) If positive TB test, results of a chest x-ray within the last few years will be necessary
  • Hepatitis B vaccine series (3) in progress (*)
  • TDap Booster
  • Varicella (or evidence of immunity to chickenpox) (*)
  • Copy of current CPR card (adult, child, and infant)

(*) May be obtained from SRJC Student Health Services or private physician or nurse practitioner 

(**) May be obtained from SRJC Student Health Services at low cost if you are a registered student